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Letter: Freeport wrecks its music scene

Get into the rhythm of the Long Island

Get into the rhythm of the Long Island Blues Festival in Freeport with the Slam Allen band, which will be playing on Sunday. Credit: JG Riley

I'm a musician in a rock band that has been playing in the bars and clubs on the Nautical Mile for quite some time ["Up in arms," News, Aug. 4]. Freeport is a hot spot for live entertainment throughout the summer.

Recently, a handful of residents have complained about the volume of the music and have demanded that the village enforce a noise ordinance that seems to continue to get stricter. Some club owners have been given no choice but to discontinue featuring full bands for fear of being fined.

When superstorm Sandy obliterated the Nautical Mile, cries of "We'll be back!" rang out as construction crews worked around the clock to make the Mile better than ever. When Woodcleft Avenue was fully rebuilt, the village did all it could to bring people back to Freeport. Celebrations abounded, and the Mile was hopping once again.

Sadly, the party atmosphere of Freeport summer weekends was soon dampened by the constant presence of the Decibel Police. The moment a band peaks a smidgen above 85 decibels, the owner is presented with a summons. It appears that the little guys are getting targeted and hurting the most.

If the village continues, Freeport will lose its reputation as the place to hear live music. The day the music dies is the day Freeport dies.

John Rullo, Freeport