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Ask congressional candidates about future of Social Security

Social Security checks.

Social Security checks. Credit: Getty Images / William Thomas Cain

I have received Social Security for nine years. Trustees of the program project that in 2034, there will be a 21 percent cut in benefits if nothing is done to provide more funding.

I do not worry about myself, but I do worry about my children and grandchild. I ask candidates for Congress, where are you and your colleagues on this? The issue has been here for years.

AARP, of which I am a member, has urged candidates to share their proposals to protect and strengthen Social Security, as have other groups, but the issue is unresolved. Candidates need to know that until they and their congressional colleagues lay out their plans and act, they are not representing their constituents, nor addressing their needs.

Do not keep kicking the can down the road. The precipice is coming too soon. To my fellow New Yorkers, this worried parent and voter urges you to ask the candidates these questions and vote in the important midterm congressional elections.

Jack Kott,Great Neck