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Gas-fueled leaf blowers create stress, too

An idle leaf blower on South Gate Road.

An idle leaf blower on South Gate Road. Credit: Newsday / Evan Eile

It was worrisome to read about the risks to cardiovascular health caused by noise pollution [“The risks of noise,” exploreLI, Feb. 13].

One source the article failed to mention is the ubiquitous gas-fueled leaf blower that we will all likely start hearing when spring arrives. Many municipalities recognize that these blowers cause unhealthy noise and air pollution, which threaten landscape workers and residents alike.

The sad fact is that, although it’s been shown that electric alternatives save money and take no more time, many landscape companies have been slow to adopt them. The state Department of Environmental Conservation, the Medical Society of New York and many other health and environmental organizations warn of the gas blower dangers.

More than a dozen communities in Westchester County have restricted or banned gas-fueled leaf blowers, without the demise of the lawn-care industry. When will Long Island catch up?

Lucy Weinstein, Huntington

Editor’s note: The writer is co-chair of the environmental health committee for the Long Island chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.