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Gasoline price increases defy reason

Credit: AP

It is ironic that just before the 2008 elections the price of gasoline and home heating oil came down from well over $4 a gallon to just under $3 a gallon ["Gas bills to rise for some LIers," News, Dec. 11].

Now just before the 2010 elections, the prices started climbing again. I wonder how long it will take before we hear the "drill baby drill" chants.

I have no problem with using domestic crude if we have assurances it will stay here. History has shown we will export to the highest bidder.

Our politicians have said the financial crisis we are in was due to the mortgage industry. I differ. When it comes to having to put gas in the car to get to work, we will put gas in the car. When we have a choice of heating the house during cold winter months or paying the mortgage, we will heat the house. I do not see too many politicians explaining the fuel situation. Can they have vested interests at heart?

Alexander J. Swiderski


Regarding "Prices soar at the pumps" [News, Dec. 8], how is that when speculators drive up the price of crude on Wall Street that it's immediately reflected in the pump prices down the block from us all?

As far as the gasoline in the station holding tanks, or for that matter the oil that's already been refined after delivery to the refineries, haven't those loads already been paid for by both the refineries and the retail stations?

Why does the gas at my local station cost five cents a gallon more today than it did on Monday because the price of crude went up yesterday by $2 a barrel?

When crude prices abate or lower, consumers see a lowering of pump prices a couple of pennies at most.

Roger A. DeAngelo

North Massapequa