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Good Afternoon

Letter: Get a ticket, then buy sweatpants

Cameras are catching more speeding drivers, according to

Cameras are catching more speeding drivers, according to a new report from the Independent Budget Office. Credit: James Carbone

I was a victim of a red-light camera violation at the intersection of Mineola Boulevard and Jericho Turnpike in Mineola ["Red-light cameras cite 'innocuous' acts," Letters, Aug. 1].

After viewing the video of my supposed violation, my family and I couldn't properly discern whether I had made a full stop. I assume that was the reason behind the summons; no specific charge was mentioned.

I showed up for my hearing and was denied entry because I was wearing shorts. The guard advised that I could go a few blocks in Hempstead and purchase a pair of sweatpants. He said that after court, I could return the pants, and he admitted that he had advised many others before me to do the same.

Well, I just walked to the payment counter and paid the $80. I was not going home to change, nor going to the store to buy pants.

I have since spoken to many others who were turned away from court for the same reason, so this is not just folly. It is another flying finger by Nassau County aimed at the driving public to swell its coffers at the expense of citizens.

Tom Scheuer, East Williston