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Get tougher on litterbugs

Litter on a law.

Litter on a law. Credit: iStock

I thoroughly agree with “Squashing the litterbugs” [Opinion, May 22]. I walk through Bethpage regularly and have seen the community deteriorate. Town officials, businesses and homeowners need to be held responsible for maintaining their property.

I’m always picking up litter from my property. Individuals on foot seem to think it’s OK to just drop their garbage. I don’t know how they were brought up; I was taught to use a garbage can.

I don’t know the answer, but I do think in Bethpage we need a police presence on the street for this reason. Maybe they could give out tickets for littering.

Theresa Sokolowski, Bethpage


Ditto to Michael Dobie’s column on litter. I, too, live on corner property on a main road. I get garbage on all sides.

No doubt, jerks driving by toss trash. On garbage collection days, some trash not properly bagged lands wherever, and trash collectors carelessly miss a complete dump into the truck.

But neither of these exonerates the culprits who park on my side road and dump ashtrays of cigarettes, used condoms, mini zip bags for whatever drug of choice, or glass and plastic bottles.

There should be stricter littering regulations.

Deborah L. Davis, Amityville