Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Amazon union stance another negative

An Amazon warehouse is planned for the Cerro

An Amazon warehouse is planned for the Cerro Wire site. Credit: Kevin P. Coughlin

I agree that Amazon doesn’t need a dime in tax breaks to build a warehouse in Syosset ["Why Amazon gets galling tax breaks," Letters, March 24]. The jobs created, to me, do not justify handing over tax breaks to a company that has made billions of dollars. Another point, though, is Amazon’s opposition to unions. Amazon has engaged in questionable tactics to stop the creation of unions in several states. If Amazon wants to build on Long Island, part of the agreement should include the full support of workers to unionize.

Considering how many unionized teachers, firefighters and police live on Long Island, to have a company known for union-busting tactics is, in my view, disgraceful and insults those of us who know a union’s value in protecting workers’ rights.

Jane Alter,


Gillibrand should join SALT fight

Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-Glen Cove) and Sen. Chuck Schumer deserve credit for leading the fight to repeal the cap on the federal income tax deduction for state and local taxes ["Suozzi: Repeal SALT cap to get ‘yes’ on Biden plan," News, April 1].

This Trump administration initiative, which I believe was mean-spirited, has hurt me and tens of thousands of other Long Islanders, so it’s good to see movement in Washington to end the SALT cap. My representative, Kathleen Rice (D-Garden City), recently answered my inquiry and assured me that she supports repeal, too.

Unfortunately, our state’s junior senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, has been strangely silent on this issue. Apparently, her priorities are elsewhere despite the SALT cap’s negative impact on the entire state. That’s why I’m anxiously awaiting her views on SALT. I’d respectfully remind her that just because I’m a lifelong Democrat doesn’t mean she automatically gets my vote when she’s up for reelection in 2024.

Andrew Sparberg,


Biden-Cuomo aid clean energy goals

President Joe Biden’s ambitious goals for wind energy on Long Island echo Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s targets ["Wind-energy plan for Island," LI Business, March 30]. This mutual stand in favor of clean energy and a true green economy reflects the need to withstand global warming, ban fossil fuel plants and build clean energy.

If I had a beach house with a view, I’d be perfectly happy to see turbines out there. I’d take that over oil spills, gas leaks and extreme natural disasters, especially having my own shoreline house wash away.

Jameson Coleman,

Stony Brook

Let’s act now to stop racial hate

That was fast police work in arresting the man who attacked an 65-year-old Asian American woman near Times Square on Monday ["NYPD: Suspect arrested in Times Square attack," News, April 1]. The announcement that the man, 38, had been jailed for murdering his mother was shocking. Why was he on the streets of New York?

I see these attacks as perpetrated by cowardly people. It is no accident they target older men and women, and it is disgusting. Thank you to the police who are trying to put an end to this.

Why do people just stand by without offering aid even after the aggressor has calmly walked away? Why aren’t they giving comfort to victims who are peaceful people just going about their day? This must stop. Racial hate has no place in America. People should imagine themselves or relatives as these victims. Let’s stop the violence. Let’s be the change we want to see.

Carol Walsh,

St. James

Consider this aspect of home care, too

I agree with the editorial "Put spotlight on home care" [March 29] that home health attendants deserve to make a living wage. But home care is not just about taking care of elderly people in their homes. I am 54, a quadriplegic, and have received attendant care since I was 18.

With my home health care, I can work, live independently and get Medicare, not Medicaid. This would have been impossible without aides who showed up every day. So let’s not forget home care is about freedom at its very core, plain and simple.

Scott Meier,

Glen Head

Faith and tradition have no boundaries

Rabbi Marc Gellman is so right to emphasize the meaning of holidays we celebrate ["Meaning of Passover’s about more than food," LI Life, March 28]. Along with their spirituality and traditions, these holidays are an opportunity to bring families and friends together.

This was the first Passover without my wife, whom I lost three months ago. However, I spent the first night with two of my sons and a fiancée who is Greek Orthodox. The second night was with my oldest son and his wife, who also is not Jewish, and their newborn son.

The cycle of life is so much a part of these holidays. Gellman is right to remind us that understanding our similarities and differences is part of the pathway to God. It is God’s will that we love and respect each other.

Thank you, Rabbi, for your insightful words.

Bob Rubin,

Glen Cove