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Give the European Union time to grow

A pedestrian with an umbrella passes a board

A pedestrian with an umbrella passes a board showing the exchange rates at a money exchange bureau in London, Monday, Jan. 16, 2017. Credit: AP

Give the EU time

It is too bad that columnist Ted R. Bromund of the Heritage Foundation did not use American history in his analysis of the European Union [“U.S. should stop supporting the EU,” Opinion, Feb. 26].

He could have gone back to the 1700s, when 13 states, after a series of wars, a revolution and economic hardships, created a very weak confederation. Certain elites wanted “to form a more perfect Union,” so they created the United States. It took many years and a civil war for this union to become as strong as it is today. If supported, the European Union will over time become just as strong.

Chauvinism is a disease; it clouds the mind and corrupts the heart. One merely has to read European history to see the misery that chauvinism has caused. Unity brings peace; separation will bring chaos.

Joseph Malone, Syosset