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Grateful for LIRR’s help in recovering a wallet

Commuters arrive at the LIRR station on Wednesday,

Commuters arrive at the LIRR station on Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018 in Port Washington. Credit: Howard Schnapp

I rode the Long Island Rail Road to Citi Field recently to attend a Mets-Yankees game. Upon arriving, I realized I had left my wallet on the train. My wallet is home for too many things: credit cards, gift cards, stamps, checks to be deposited, important notes, doctor appointment cards, my ticket to the game, and that day, about $70 in cash. I was upset.

At the platform, an LIRR employee saw how upset I was and tried to calm me down before I boarded a train to Manhattan to check the lost and found at Penn Station.

Her words stayed with me. She said, “We do the right thing with lost items.”

The wallet was not at Penn Station, but I later filled out a form online. About 10 business days later, my wife, who works in the city, stopped by and the wallet was there. Nothing was missing, although the cash was removed because the LIRR does not store cash, but instead deposits it. The railroad provided me a receipt for the money, to be followed up with a check to me in the near future.

Thank you, LIRR employees, for doing the right thing.

Mike Grieco,Massapequa

Drivers should watch out for animals

I saw a dead Canada goose on the side of Main Street in West Bay Shore, apparently hit by a car, on July 6. Its feathers were strewn about, and another, perhaps its mate, stood with the dead goose, dipping its head, as if in mourning.

As a veterinarian and human, I found the sight of the dead goose reprehensible.

Here’s an idea for drivers: Slow down and enjoy life for a few moments. It’s not as if the birds are darting across the road. Stop, take a deep breath, relax and appreciate life.

Dr. Robert Bialt,Bay Shore

Families need help in handling opioid abuse

Thank you for reporting on the continuing crisis of opioid abuse on Long Island. Hope Lutheran Church, where I am pastor, has teamed up with St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Huntington Station to offer a grief and support group for family members of victims of opioid abuse. We know how difficult it is them because of the nature of their tragic losses.

A support group is a small effort, but we hope it will stimulate others to do likewise and encourage public officials and agencies to provide financial support for counselors to help suffering families.

Rev. Richard O. Hill,



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