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Letters: Gun rights and school shootings

This image released by the Fresno County Sheriff

This image released by the Fresno County Sheriff via KMPH-TV shows guns seized from Christopher Haga, who was arrested is Sept. 2011 after police found this stash of assault rifles. Credit: AP

It is time for the government to step up in a real way with public service announcements geared toward family members of potential mass shooters ["School gunfire can't be the status quo," Opinion, June 15].

Family members and friends are the first line of defense to stop a mass killer. Many times the killers are not hiding the fact that they want to do harm. Family members need to be educated to call law enforcement.

In November 2012, Tricia Lammers of Bolivar, Missouri, contacted law enforcement about her son's purchase of a gun. In a videotaped confession, 21-year-old Blaec Lammers told police about his plan to open fire at a Walmart and possibly a movie theater.

His mother saved those people..

Kimberly Podlinski, Rockville Centre

Guns alone aren't responsible for shootings.

We need enhanced, publicly provided mental health services and less glorification of violence in the public arena (movies, books, television, song lyrics, etc.). We also need a greater sense of community and less self-centered thinking.

A gun standing alone is just one more piece of unused junk. A gun in the hands of a deranged anti-social person is a weapon of potential mass destruction.

Edward B. "Woody" Ryder IV, Greenlawn

It is beyond nutty to think that there can be millions of people conducting their daily lives amid gun carriers who may be deranged, hostile, argumentative, drunk, stoned or intent on criminal activity and that more and more innocent people will not be killed or maimed.

The National Rifle Association and like-minded people talk about their Second Amendment rights. Hey! The rest of us have rights, too, and among them are the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Too many innocent victims have had those rights completely taken away.

The right to carry machine guns, the right to stand your ground and kill, the right to concealed weapons, the right to unlimited gun types in public places -- are just a few unreasonable extensions of the Second Amendment.

Ruth Karter, Floral Park

I read that there is a near-record number of illegal guns on the street ["Aid for police vests," News, June 9]. I guess the brain trust in Albany never considered that criminals do not purchase guns legally; only law-abiding citizens do that.

New York's Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act does more to protect a criminal. Career felons must love gun restrictions on magazine capacity and assault weapons, because the restrictions don't affect them.

Bob Gardner, Bohemia