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Hard to find a judge for Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a rally

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a rally in San Jose, Calif., Thursday, June 2, 2016. Credit: AP

Donald Trump has questioned the impartiality of U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel [“Trump criticizes judge,” News, June 4].

Trump suggests that the judge, with his Mexican ancestry, is biased and cannot be impartial. Based on that logic, Trump needs to face a judge who is not Latino, not Muslim, not a woman, not someone who was a prisoner of war. It seems as if we need a judge who is an arrogant, rich white guy with bad hair if we wish to really provide Trump with a fair trial.

Kenneth Rival, Lake Grove


Trump University should be subject to the standards applied to every reputable U.S. institution operating as a university [“GOP takes Trump to task,” News, June 7].

An institution must first submit proof to the appropriate state or licensing organizations, documenting how it has met the standards for calling itself a university. After reviewing the application, the state or licensing entity would issue what might be called a university birth certificate, verifying that the institution has met the licensing standards.

Trump University has no university birth certificate. Until Trump University proves that it is licensed to be a university, it is a non-university calling itself a university.

Allan Stern, Glen Head