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Letter: Have a heart for struggling motorists

Trooper cars are pictured at the State Police

Trooper cars are pictured at the State Police headquarters in Pomona. (Feb. 15, 2012) Photo Credit: Angela Gaul

As a citizen, homeowner, taxpayer and Long Islander -- who happens to be a state trooper on Long Island -- I cannot more strongly disagree with a Newsday editorial that said motorists who are ticketed for minor equipment violations should still have to pay an "administrative fee" to the government ["Don't return all ticket fees," June 15].

At what point do we say, enough is enough, and stop our government from picking our pockets for revenue at every opportunity?

When a motorist escapes a state trooper like myself with only a ticket for a lightbulb that burned out, or a muffler that rusted through, it means that motorist passed the test of a valid license, legal car and valid insurance. Thousands of other motorists traveling down the same road cannot pass such an assessment and are dealt with accordingly.

Also, many police officers sometimes pull people over for larger offenses but use the minor violations we find instead. This is a way to let our fellow citizens know that -- as they travel between their multiple jobs, try to keep their heads above water, and pay the already ridiculous taxes levied upon us by every segment of government -- every once in awhile an agent of the government can acknowledge their struggle and give them a break on the moving violation by issuing a ticket for a light they have to fix anyhow. This allows the vehicle to get repaired for safety.

Mike Mawn, Bohemia


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