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Headline and photo use showed bias

Democratic Party leader Gerard Terry is shown during

Democratic Party leader Gerard Terry is shown during an inauguration ceremony for Town of Hempstead officials on Sunday, Jan. 3, 2016 at Clinton G. Martin Park in New Hyde Park. Credit: YouTube/ Town of North Hempstead


Newsday’s bias is again on full display in Joye Brown’s column [“Making corruption a target,” News, March 6]. The deft manipulation of headlines and photos was used to convey a message not supported by the facts.

Under the headline dominated by the word corruption, Newsday outrageously juxtaposed my photo next to that of former North Hempstead Democratic chairman Gerard Terry. Terry resigned his party post after his failure to fully pay his taxes became the focus of media reports.

The use and placement of my photo can only be explained as an attempt by Newsday to spread the taint of corruption — as featured in the headline — equally between Terry and the Republican Party that I have proudly and honestly led for more than three decades.

Those who read the column know that the only reference to me affirmed my support for a proposal to lower Nassau County’s threshold for legislative approval for no-bid contracts to $1,000 from the current ceiling of $25,000. This proposal will increase government transparency and implement a more stringent safeguard on the proper expenditure of tax dollars.

Joseph Mondello


Editor’s note: The writer is chairman of the Nassau County Republican Committee.