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Letter: Headstones larger for Palestinians

amNewYork/Jimmy Margulies

amNewYork/Jimmy Margulies

Kudos to Jimmy Margulies for the editorial cartoon depicting the tombstones of both Israeli and Palestinian civilians ["Finding common ground in the Mideast," July 7]. Usually, in the United States, more media coverage is given to Israeli deaths than to those of Palestinians.

However, if Margulies' cartoon were drawn to an accurate scale reflecting the real number of those killed, the Palestinian tombstone would be six times larger than the Israeli one. According to If Americans Knew, a nonprofit research organization, at least 6,878 Palestinians and 1,110 Israelis have been killed since September 2000.

Remember, the state of Israel has an army, navy, and air force for its defense, all mostly supplied by the United States. Palestinians do not even have a state, let alone regular military forces for their defense.

Much more coverage would help Americans understand why so many Palestinians are angry at both Israel and the United States.

Ed Ciaccio, Douglaston


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