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Letter: Holy site has many claims on it

Simon Schama at Temple Mount, Jerusalem, on PBS'

Simon Schama at Temple Mount, Jerusalem, on PBS' "The Story of the Jews With Simon Schama." Credit: Oxford Film & Television / Tim Kirby

Captioning the photo of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as the third-holiest site in Islam rather than the holiest site in Judaism -- so holy that many Jews believe one should not walk there for fear of walking on the area known as the Holy of Holies -- is like the sports section during the Olympics telling us about the bronze medal winners and not the gold ["Holy, treasured," Travel, March 16]!

The Western Wall where Jews pray is, as the story mentions, a retaining wall of the Temple Mount, and the closest Jews can be to the site of the First and Second Temples.

Alison Bermant, East Norwich

Editor's note: The writer is general manager of The Best of Israel Travel in Syosset.