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Good Morning

How long do we need to have double utility poles?

A new utility pole next to a shorter

A new utility pole next to a shorter old one with lines still attached along Townline Road near Village Lane in Hauppauge, on June 14, 2017. Credit: Newsday/Lawrence Striegel

When will shorter utility poles go away?

I applaud PSEG Long Island for replacing more than 100 utility poles in the Town of Smithtown to reduce power outages from storms. However, now we are living with a plethora of shortened poles because various other utilities haven’t moved their wires to the new poles. Utilities are supposed to move their equipment to the new poles within 30 days.

Lewis Franklin Jr.,Nesconset

In these times, teach kids to think critically

The destructive and deceptive hyperpartisan political and economic conflicts we are experiencing are way out of control. It seems there is no let-up in sight, unless we can find a way to make sure citizens are enabled to objectively distinguish the difference between misinformation and facts.

This is not a new problem. The enormously powerful marketing and self-serving political forces have long been with us. It’s hard to imagine any quick solutions. One idea that might be helpful in the long run would be for parents and all residents to request that our schools include a specific class on critical thinking.

Such a course should be treated as no less important than math, science, music, art and social studies. It would reinforce a better understanding of every subject.

Schools can do much to develop young minds. Who knows? With students’ newly acquired skills, they might be able to transfer critical thinking to their parents.

Leo Montagna,Northport

Open the Coliseum earlier for concerts

I recently attended a Barry Manilow concert at the Nassau Coliseum, which was great. However, I don’t understand the reasoning behind opening the doors at 6:30 p.m., when a show starts at 7:30 p.m. An hour is hardly enough to get something to eat and find your seats, especially for older folks. Open the doors 90 minutes ahead of time.

Alice McTighe, Rockville Centre

Turn off warning lights at school on weekends

I frequently drive on Great East Neck Road in West Babylon, including on weekends.

There are speed warning and flashing lights in both directions on weekends in the area of South Bay Elementary School. I question the need for these warning lights on weekends, when no schoolchildren are around.

John DiGeronimo, Bay Shore