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Letter: How to pay to bury Long Island power lines

Two linesman work on power lines on Meacham

Two linesman work on power lines on Meacham Avenue as LIPA and other utility crews work to repair damaged poles and downed lines after an Elmont man, earlier in the day, drove with a boom-arm crane extended on a truck causing the damage in Elmont. (Aug. 27, 2013) Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams, Jr.

Many people in Port Washington want their electric power lines to be installed underground, but do not accept having to pay the cost of $4 million to $6 million per mile themselves ["Paying to bury power lines," Editorial, March 28].

East Hampton residents similarly don't want to pay the $30 million it would cost PSEG Long Island -- and, ultimately, its other customers -- to bury their electric lines.

Here's my King Solomon-like plan sure to please both parties: Each community will simply pay for the other community's underground wires, much like they both want us to pay for theirs. Case closed!

Richard Siegelman, Plainview