Developer Villadom Corp. wants to change Huntington’s comprehensive plan so it can build retail and office space [“Debating a change of plan,” News, July 7]. The town developed its comprehensive plan in 2008 to map out development.

The parcel in question is the former Mediavilla Orchard property, some 50 undeveloped acres on Jericho Turnpike. Zoning calls for single-family homes on 1-acre parcels.

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We have a mall just a few miles down the road, and between the Walt Whitman Shops and this proposed development are too many empty storefronts. Huntington does not need additional retail and its associated problems.

Instead, we need to create housing for those who don’t want the traditional three-bedroom home surrounded by grass.

We spend a fortune educating our youngsters, only to watch them go off to college and never return. Why? They cannot find decent, reasonably priced, legal housing to draw them back to their old neighborhoods.

James P. Kelly, Huntington Station