Two recent letters to the editor filled me with disgust ["Turn back the border children," July 14]. The basic philosophy of Christianity is that we must take care of the least of us. For those on the political right, this is apparently a Marxist position, but actually it is one espoused by most ordinary, decent Americans.

The people of Central America are trying to avoid the violence in their countries, in part because of drug smuggling. And where are 90 percent of the drugs being smuggled to?

Illegal immigration probably would not exist if U.S. citizens did not provide an illegal market for the drug smugglers. We have found the enemy, and it is us.

Peter F. Monaco, Ridge


Fact: Borders define a country. Our borders are under assault, which means that our country is under assault. Our society, culture and language are being diminished day by day. We are not a doormat to be stepped all over.

Our so-called congressional representatives and our president have done nothing to protect our country. Thousands of children and adults are flooding across our Southern border.

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The question is, what should we do? How about putting them all on buses, week after week, and dropping them off at the various embassies in the Washington, D.C., area? We seem to know where the immigrants all come from, so those various countries should be held responsible for their citizens.

And when we're done, we should give those countries' embassies the bills for food, housing, clothing, medical attention, etc. -- and don't forget the bus trip. Just a suggestion on behalf of the taxpayers of America.

John Cattonar Sr., Kings Park