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Insurance plan shutdown, school bus demolition derby

Junk Yard Dog and the Cheese Box crash

Junk Yard Dog and the Cheese Box crash into each other at the school bus demolition derby at the Riverhead Raceway in Riverhead, July 29, 2017. Credit: Marisol Diaz

How can Northwell shut insurance plan?

How does a “health” system take an action so counterproductive to its mission? [“Northwell to shut Obamacare health plan,” News, Aug. 25]

I thought all this merging and growth undertaken by Northwell Health was supposed to be done with the well-being of the system’s beneficiaries and clients in mind. Withdrawing from the Affordable Care Act state insurance market is a disservice to many, many people.

I’m proud of our community-oriented Huntington Hospital. I’d like that “small” yet caring place back again. This big health system stuff is clearly for the birds — and maybe not even good for them!

Laura L. Lustbader, Huntington Station

School bus demolition derby is just for fun

I’m responding to a recent writer’s concerns regarding the school bus demolition derby at Riverhead Raceway [“Bus demolition derby a bad idea,” Letters, Aug. 30]. As a previous educator and certified bus driver, I want to put this writer at ease. Our training doesn’t include demolitions. The safety of children in a driver’s care should be job No. 1. It’s unfortunate that a night of entertainment for many should create such anxiety. See it as what it is: some mindless fun.

John Lomaga, Shoreham