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Letter: It’s up to people to stop litter

Michelle den Hartog (c) sweeps excess dirt and

Michelle den Hartog (c) sweeps excess dirt and weeds into a pile ready for cleanup, June 28, 2014 along with her mom Rita den Hartog and Sandy Juarez. Craig den Hartog, a local Port Jefferson Station landscape, founded the Old Town Blooms, and has for the past few years, been beautifying his community through cleaning up debris, litter and planting . Beginning with his immediate neighborhood, Old Town Blooms has blossomed into an effort to revitalize an almost 8 mile streth of road through four towns. Credit: Johnny Milano

People can stop litter

I, too, favor banning plastic bags [“Ban plastic bags soon in Suffolk,” Letters, April 22]. But please don’t think that they cause litter. People cause litter.

We must start a campaign to remind people that it is wrong to throw trash out of car windows. If everyone took his or her litter home to dispose of it, everyone would benefit. We’d have a good start on beautification and save taxpayers money.

Joyce Robles