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Letter: Jobs vanish in unpredictable ways

Boces Security guard James Wood keeps watch at

Boces Security guard James Wood keeps watch at the Robert E. Lupinskie Center for Curriculum, Instruction and Technology in Westbury. (Dec. 5, 2013) Credit: Howard Schnapp

Technological advances do not just take jobs from the unskilled ["Bizarro world: less work for workers," Opinion, March 12].

The Internet has lessened the need for travel agents. Software can now search legal case law many times faster than a team of paralegals, clerks and attorneys.

Many people get their news from various media sources today, which has resulted in many highly educated writers and editors losing their jobs. Robots are being developed to perform patient rounds in hospitals.

Technology improves productivity and displaces workers in often unpredictable ways.

Leigh Gholson, Baldwin