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Good Afternoon

Just Sayin': Allow checkoff for veterans

The military's annual healthcare budget is currently $47.8

The military's annual healthcare budget is currently $47.8 billion. Credit: iStock

Let's add a $3 checkoff box on individual and corporate tax returns to support the troops and veterans.

This would allow the creation of a board of directors from the business elite to include Lee Iacocca, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Michael Bloomberg, Donald Trump (if he isn't president), Mitt Romney, etc. The board's staff could review all military and veterans charities. The board could then choose to donate a percentage of the proceeds from the check-off box to the charities, with the stipulation that funds go directly to benefits, not administrative expenses.

The board would only employ veterans -- particularly disabled veterans -- who would use the remaining proceeds to find and fund individual cases of military personnel, families and veterans who've fallen through the cracks of the regular support system. Some money must be devoted to getting homeless veterans off the streets.

The only problem with this fund is that it would probably be so successful that it would wipe out the Presidential Election Campaign Fund.

Lloyd M. Abrahams, Lake Grove

Concert parking was chaotic

Attending a concert at Jones Beach is appalling and confusing.

We had a VIP parking pass to avoid past problems. Upon arriving at what is usually the main way to get into the theater, off Wantagh Parkway, we were told to go to Field 4 instead. The attendant could not tell us whether there was VIP parking available.

We went to Field 4 and were told to go to Field 5. There, they yelled at us to go to the entrance at the west end, where they told us to go to Field 3.

At Field 3, a state trooper told us to go to Field 4. It was quite obvious that there was no control or updated communication among anyone directing traffic. We asked the trooper to call a Jones Beach official to help us. Twenty minutes later, an official came. After hearing our tale of woe, he allowed us to go through Field 3 to the VIP area.

It also seems that Jones Beach has no plan when it comes to Jimmy Buffett and his "parrothead" fans. There was loud music, along with people making drinks in blenders powered by generators, and cooking fires in the parking lot.

I'm a Buffett fan, but this will probably be my last concert at the beach.

Alan Davidson, Levittown

Flags belong on cell towers

The cellphone towers at Venetian Shores Park in Lindenhurst and at Overlook Park are supposed to have American flags on them for disguise. The flags are gone, and I get nowhere with phone calls to the cellphone companies.

Ed Gross, West Babylon

Sanitation workers fooling us?

Bravo for publishing "Is recycling pickup a hoax?" [Just Sayin', Sept. 19]!

I believe it is, also. There should be a law, including fines, to hold workers responsible for doing the job right. Follow some of the workers. Taking video and pictures should end any deception immediately. Most of us have phone cameras.

Homeowners try to recycle, and I suspect that some garbage workers toss recycling into the garbage. We're being made fools of.

Gladys Bensen, Roslyn Heights