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Just Sayin’: Bring back cars with window cranks

Readers weigh in.

A chrome window crank used to roll up

A chrome window crank used to roll up and down the rear window of a station wagon. Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto / Mitch Cox

Bring back cars with window cranks

The more technically advanced our society becomes, the further back many seniors slip.

GPS, Bluetooth and other electronics in cars are leaving some of us scratching our heads.

I propose that car manufacturers start a new division aimed at the older generation. This would include door locks that need keys, crank windows, a radio with knobs and so forth. They could name the division The Dinosaur.

John Tarnagorski, North Massapequa

Levy fines for old signs posted on roadways

I have a pet peeve about signs posted along roadways.

When there is an election, candidate signs are posted everywhere. There are also signs for garage sales and assorted services: shrink wrapping, mulching, exercise classes and more. I’ve seen signs opposing the red-light cameras.

These signs are eyesores and equate to litter. There should be a rule that if these signs aren’t taken down within one week of the event being advertised, the person would be fined.

There is a phone number, address or email on nearly every sign, so it should be easy to reach the person responsible.

Eileen Gaeta, Commack

Trump and contrasting cases of two men

If you need evidence of President Donald Trump’s bias and flawed character, just compare his responses to former Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona and Jorge Garcia, a man deported in January from Michigan to Mexico.

Garcia was brought to the United States illegally by a family member when he was age 10. He grew up here, held a respectable job, married a woman who is a U.S. citizen and had children. He raised his family and paid his taxes, and he had a spotless record as law-abiding.

Now take Arpaio. The U.S. Department of Justice found that he ran his sheriff’s office in a way that unfairly targeted Latinos for detention and arrest. He was accused of housing prisoners in his jail in inhumane conditions. The Justice Department found that he retaliated against his critics.

Arpaio’s actions caused immense personal damage and cost taxpayers money.

How did the president react to these distinctly different cases? He pardoned Arpaio for his conviction of criminal contempt of court. With Garcia, the president did nothing! Trump easily could have allowed Garcia to stay and used him as an example of what America is supposed to stand for.

Robert Broder, Stony Brook


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