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Good Evening

Just Sayin': Can anyone stop the robocalls — please?

Officially, the last day Suffolk County residents can

Officially, the last day Suffolk County residents can dial just seven digits (that means no area code needed) for local, intracounty calls is June 17, carriers and the state Public Service Commission say. Credit: iStock

Who will help us common people with a very annoying problem?

I get robocalls all day and evening on my home phone and cellphone. The caller ID numbers are fakes. As far as I know, there is no way to track them, and no way to request removal from their lists. “Do not call” lists are useless, and representatives from phone service providers admit to impotence as well.

I do not expect any help from our government representatives, as they are among the worst offenders around election time.

Can the phone companies help? Can the Federal Communications Commission help? Are there any advanced civilizations on another planet or in another galaxy that can help? If only it can be proved that these robocalls contribute to global warming, maybe then we could get some action.

Joel Verstaendig, Plainview


‘Aid in dying’ would hurt families, society

Bills in the State Legislature purport to offer “aid in dying,” or assisted suicide. Proponents hope to enact a law before the session ends in June. This would indeed be a bitter pill.

According to Oregon’s 2015 figures on assisted-suicide deaths, 78 percent of those obtaining lethal drugs were 65 or older, some had no insurance, and most had no living spouse. In 79 percent of cases, no health professional was present. So where was the aid?

Think of the potential for elder abuse in these laws. Indeed, the above patient profile matches almost point-by-point with the New England Journal of Medicine’s description of seniors who are victims of elder abuse.

It’s easy to foresee assisted suicide becoming common amid financial incentives to insurers or potential heirs, the lack of support for caregivers, and propaganda that stresses autonomy as life’s highest value while “being a burden” is a cardinal sin.

When autonomy displaces nobler human values like courage, compassion, caring, love and good example, our families and society will suffer.

Mary Ellen Walsh, Levittown

Toxic-materials event was organized well

We often bemoan high taxes and the inefficiency of government, so I was happily surprised at the organization of the recent Town of Hempstead Stop Throwing Out Pollutants program at Newbridge Road Park.

I had no problem finding it because signs were posted on the route. Town employees moved me in, helped me unload and got me on my way in less than 10 minutes. They were courteous and helpful.

This great service helps preserve our drinking water and fishing areas. There are several collections throughout the year in Hempstead; other towns have them, too. I also appreciate getting back some room in my garage and basement.

John Gerard Sassone, Floral Park