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Just Sayin’: Clean up this roadside eyesore

Garbage found on April 30 in a stream

Garbage found on April 30 in a stream along the Meadowbrook State Parkway in North Merrick by reader Corrado Vasquez. Credit: Corrado Vasquez

On the Meadowbrook State Parkway in North Merrick, just north of the Southern State, right past a pond on the right, is a massive pile of plastic garbage in a stream.

I snapped pictures on April 30. It’s been there for a long time and needs to be cleaned up. I hope our public officials will see this and take action.

Corrado Vasquez,


Not much new at the DMV in Port Jeff

I recently made a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Port Jefferson to renew my license. I hadn’t been there in years, doing most of my business by mail, but this year I had to go to receive the new enhanced license.

After receiving a number, I waited for an hour before being directed to a clerk who scanned all of my information and checked that all questions had been properly filled out. I started to write a check, but the clerk said I would need to get another number and pay then.

I took a seat, and after another hour, my number was called and I handed my paperwork to a second clerk who reviewed it and told me what I owed. When I asked why couldn’t I have paid at the previous window, the clerk said, “It’s a two-step process.”

Funny, while waiting, I kept seeing a message on the large TV screen that said, “Meet the New DMV.” After two and half hours, I left thinking, “Same as the old DMV.”

George Hoffman,


The tone of U.S. politics is worrisome

This country is heading down the road to the biggest disaster since the Civil War. Before 1861, the dynamic was the question of slavery. There was no compromise between the North and the South. The war became inevitable.

I fear that today we have become two countries once again. There is no give, and the rhetoric about issues including immigration continues to heat up. Unless saner heads prevail, we are headed for a disaster. We need a president and a Congress that don’t pander to “their people.” We need a leader who puts the needs and the welfare of all citizens before his own ego and narcissism.

Henry Beyer,