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Just Sayin': Dowling College was a Long Island asset

Dowling College in Oakdale is shown on Tuesday,

Dowling College in Oakdale is shown on Tuesday, May 31, 2016, the day officials announced it would have to close. Photo Credit: Johnny Milano

Dowling College was a Long Island asset

The closing of Dowling College at the end of the summer was a sad day for Long Islanders.

Dowling is part of the proud heritage of Long Island. For nearly a half-century, it provided opportunities and opened doors for thousands of students. Many of its graduates have become successful entrepreneurs, civic leaders and public service professionals who have enriched Long Island’s quality of life.

When I was invited to teach in the Dowling College School of Education in 1995, I was also serving as an elementary school principal. Over 20 years, I mentored and worked with scores of Dowling students eager to fulfill their passion to teach. They’re now proudly and successfully teaching throughout Long Island.

Many earned advanced certificates in educational leadership, and others participated in the doctoral program in educational administration that Dowling introduced in 1997. Several of these graduates are school administrators and superintendents.

Because of the commitment the college and its faculty made to students, Dowling was often referred to as the personal college. On countless Saturdays and Sundays, students and professors met for additional sessions to discuss issues beyond assigned readings.

Team building, support and trust between students and faculty evolved over the years.

Thomas Mangano, Ronkonkoma

Slow down outside school buildings

A 20-mph school speed zone is just that. For the sake of schoolchildren, bike riders, dog walkers and other pedestrians, slow down!

You have no right to risk taking a life. Would you really want to live with that? Drivers alone are responsible for their speed. We all have busy lives and places to go. Is your life so much more important that others’?

There are five schools in St. James, and drivers fly past them. Put down the phone, the vape pipe or whatever else is distracting you.

Mary J. Dwyer, St. James


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