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Just Sayin’: Election advertisers won’t get our votes

A polling place.

A polling place. Credit: Getty Images / YinYang

Election advertisers won’t get our votes

Election Day is Tuesday. At one time, I was simply annoyed at the many political signs appearing everywhere. In fact, my wife and I went so far as to contact political candidates to urge them to remove their signs. We cannot remember any signs being removed.

But this year, we have decided not to vote for any candidate whose signs are on display. We’ve made this decision because we feel that these omnipresent political signs damage the beauty of our small village. These signs are eyesores and ought not be displayed any longer.

Bruce Long, Babylon

Pessimistic about county government

I was late in paying my second half Town of Hempstead tax bill. When I asked about late charges, the Nassau County treasurer’s office said that in addition to the penalty fees there would be a $180 “transfer charge.”

Thus, my $420 tax bill grew to $643, an increase of 53 percent. This is nothing short of extortion and another glaring example of how Nassau County, in its desperate search for new revenue sources, continues to pick the pockets of its taxpayers.

Until our elected officials find the courage to fix the structural imbalances in the county’s budget by curbing patronage, corruption and unnecessary expenses — as well as somehow gaining control of the runaway cost of the county police force — we taxpayers will continue to be fleeced. I’m not optimistic.

Frederick S. Yosca, Lynbrook