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Good Afternoon

Just Sayin’: Fix the dangerous merge in Oakdale

This is Sunrise Highway at 8:30 a.m. on

This is Sunrise Highway at 8:30 a.m. on a weekday. It's smooth sailing. How fortunate. Credit: David Reich-Hale

I would like the state to fix the Oakdale merge. It’s a section of Sunrise Highway between exits 46 and 47 where 10 lanes narrow to six and then return to 10.

My family is in the paving business, and I know road construction. In 2004, I suggested to the state Department of Transportation, which said it was considering my options. Later, community members met with first responders, government officials and DOT representatives.

In 2012, I received a letter stating that the state had no projects planned for this area, and that improvements were studied and dismissed. Whatever happened to the voice of the people?

While driving through the merge recently, I narrowly escaped a three-car collision that occurred right in front of me. In its correspondence, the DOT referred to sensitive environmental areas near the merge. I thought that saving human lives was the most important thing.

Elaine Faith Thompson, Bohemia

Hard to reason with a court clerk

My son bought a new car in November. The vehicle was registered by the dealership before he picked it up.

In January, he received a parking ticket at the Merrick train station. The ticket for an expired registration was issued by a Town of Hempstead public safety officer. My son, who works 12-hour days, asked his mother if she would visit the returnable court on Cooper Street in Hempstead. He told her to just bring in the registration and the ticket would be dismissed, as it was obviously a mistake.

The clerk at the court said the ticket would be dismissed, but she would have to pay a $45 administration fee. She called me and asked what to do. I explained that if your inspection sticker is expired or a tail light is broken, and you have the situation corrected the day after receiving a ticket, the court will dismiss the fine but you still have to pay the administration fee. You were wrong at the time the ticket was issued. But this situation was different, and I told her not to pay. She went back inside and tried to give my reasoning to the clerk.

He became abrupt and loud, and my wife called me back crying.

Ken Schulz, West Hempstead

Cut school taxes for senior citizens

My wife and I are senior citizens, and we find it difficult to pay real estate taxes. Many counties in Georgia offer big discounts on school taxes to people over 65. How Georgia can do that and New York cannot is beyond me.

We’ve been in our house 46 years. We’ve paid our fair share of school taxes. Our kids have been out of public school for 28 years.

Anthony Santino, Melville