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Just Sayin’: Grateful for help from police; what really makes America great

Westbury Police.

Westbury Police. Credit: Howard Schnapp

What really makes America great

I would like to offer a history lesson to President Donald Trump.

James Madison, an architect of our Constitution and the son of a rich man, warned about extreme wealth and worried about people on the bottom rung of the financial ladder.

He abhorred “unnecessary opportunities . . . to increase the inequality of property, by an immoderate, and especially an unmerited, accumulation of riches.”

Madison feared Alexander Hamilton’s drift toward inordinate profit and monarchy.

It’s compassion that makes America great, not bluster.

Harold Pockriss, Freeport

Grateful for help from Old Westbury police

I was walking on the shoulder of Jericho Turnpike because the sidewalk was filled with snow, but the lane was blocked by a parked vehicle.

My only choice, it seemed, was to walk into oncoming traffic, which I couldn’t see. What was I to do?

Lo and behold, an Old Westbury police car came along, and an officer asked whether he could help. He offered me a ride back down the road to my home at The Arbors Assisted Living at Westbury.

He put my walker in the front seat and me in the back. He saw my Korean War hat, and I told him I was 85 and had served in that war. He told me his grandfather also had served.

The village police department should be proud.

Bernard Fradkin, Jericho

Driverless cars? What will insurers do?

General Motors plans to start mass production of driverless vehicles this year, with hopes of having them on the market next year.

So, how will the insurance companies handle this? If I have a family of five, with three young, inexperienced drivers, or if I am a high-risk customer because of excessive accidents or tickets, will I be able to lower my premiums by owning a driverless vehicle?

After all, you cannot fault a passenger in a vehicle. Another question: Is this a loophole for people with ignition locks on their cars because of drunken-driving convictions? I’m curious.

Raymond P. Moran, Massapequa Park

Thanks to a stranger who found my wallet

Earlier this month, while commuting to New York City, I noticed that I had lost my wallet and work badge at the Hicksville train station. Panic struck.

I retraced all of my steps, to no avail. Finally, I received a call from the Long Island Rail Road personnel in Hicksville that a good Samaritan had handed in my wallet.

We all hear negative stories every day, and I wanted to share a story with a happy ending.

Bernie Dolnansky, Syosset