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Just Sayin’: Help senior citizens vote in elections

New York State absentee ballot application.

New York State absentee ballot application. Credit: Newsday

I attend the Port Washington Senior Citizens Center on Manorhaven Boulevard. Before this month’s school board elections and budget vote, many people there told me they would not cast ballots because they cannot drive.

I would like to see someone bring applications for absentee ballots to our senior centers, and for someone to explain how to use them. This way, seniors can vote.

Several people also told me they do not vote in school elections because they rent. I want to remind renters that their votes also matter. When school taxes go up, rents can go up, too.

Grace Bellomo,Port Washington

Health care not cheap for the middle class

The cost of health care has become outrageous. I’m an emergency room nurse and have experienced it firsthand.

If you are very poor, you can visit the emergency department and never receive a bill. If you are very rich, you can get the best insurance plans with minimal copays and deductibles and see the best specialists.

But if you’re like me, a middle-class New Yorker who works overtime every week to meet the rising cost of living, you’re in trouble. I work 12-hour shifts. Recently, I was on day two of a seven-day stretch. I knew I had a kidney infection; I couldn’t get into a primary care doctor or urgent care because of my work hours so I signed into the emergency room at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center in Smithtown, where I work.

I was becoming pretty uncomfortable, and kidney infections can be serious if not treated. I don’t have the cheapest insurance plan from my employer, but it does have a deductible. I thought, how much could a urinalysis cost?

Little did I know that I would be charged $1,700 for the urinalysis and the physician. Insurance covered very little.

Carrie Graham, Smithtown