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Just Sayin’: Jimmy Carter was a solar-power visionary

President Jimmy Carter speaks against a backdrop of

President Jimmy Carter speaks against a backdrop of solar panels at the White House in June 1979. Credit: AP/ Harvey Georges

In 1979, Jimmy Carter had 32 solar panels installed on the roof of the White House. They heated water for a kitchen.

A man who was an officer on a nuclear submarine was laughed at and derided. His successor, Ronald Reagan, had the solar panels removed.

How shortsighted and disrespectful toward a visionary, a man of science, in the people’s house. Imagine how different things might be now if we had followed his lead.

Stewart J. Frimer, Forest Hills

How best to dispose of medications?

My doctor switched my medication, so I went to my local pharmacy to pick up a new prescription and dispose of the old. The drugstore was happy to sell me the new, but would not accept the old.

I had read that disposal of medicines is becoming a problem for the environment, and evidently, I can’t depend on my pharmacy for safe disposal. This just seems another case of an industry neglecting any responsibility for its merchandise if it doesn’t enhance the bottom line.

Mike Desmond, Bayport

After a fall in the street, no one helped

Everyone has heard of road rage, but here is a new one: road apathy.

On Dec. 23, I was getting packages out of the trunk of my car when I tripped and fell. I was on West Broadway in Long Beach, a double-lane road with nose-in parking in the center on each side. This means when I fell behind my car’s trunk, I was lying in the street where traffic goes by, unable to get up. Unwrapped gifts were around me.

I am in my 80s and need to use a cane. I lay there trying to get up for quite a while. At least 10 cars drove past. No one stopped!

I had broken my right wrist. I was unable to even dial my phone. Finally, with a lot of pain, I managed to get up and go up to my son’s apartment. My arm is in a sling with a soft cast.

Have a good new year, especially to those 10 drivers with road apathy.

Anne Holland, Long Beach