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Good Morning

Just Sayin’: Keep roads safe. Use your blinker.

Fewer drivers seem to use their turn signals,

Fewer drivers seem to use their turn signals, says reader Nancy Macri Kennedy of Huntington Station. Credit: Newsday

What, pray tell, has happened to the humble car directional — more commonly called the blinker? Its dwindling use has caused me to wonder whether manufacturers are not outfitting vehicles with them anymore.

I don’t mean to be glib, but this is a serious problem. Fewer drivers seem to use this simple but oh-so-necessary equipment — hitting the turn signal to let others know your intentions. Such a small act is an extremely important responsibility. I cannot count the number of times that a driver in front of me has stopped and then turned — with no indication given of her or his intention.

Also, on parkways at high speeds, many don’t feel the need to let others know that they will change lanes; they just move in.

How can these inconsiderate drivers not realize the hazards they create? Signaling a turn could be the difference between life and death.

Nancy Macri Kennedy, Huntington Station

How to reduce private money in politics

Many of us have decried the influence of money on political campaigns and the politicians who accept the money and then act more on the behalf of donors and less on the constituents who put them in office.

There is a solution to the rampant corruption in our political system, but it will take discipline and perseverance to achieve this end.

  • Disallow all private or corporate money to be contributed to a candidate.
  • Institute a fixed amount of public money, our tax dollars, to be given to each legitimate candidate for any elected office.
  • Institute a set period for campaigns, perhaps two weeks to one month. The current system has candidates raising money for the next election as soon as they get into office.
  • If any candidate fails to meet these requirements, then their candidacy should be nullified and the name removed from ballots.
  • Establish term limits for every political office. Harry Truman was right. Two terms was enough for the presidency, and that should be enough for every other elected official.

Nicholas Dallis, Smithtown