Unsung heroes! While in the Elmont libary, I witnessed kindness, care and concern given to two groups of mentally challenged youths by their attendants. You never hear of all the goodness, day in and day out, given by these health care workers, who face such stressful conditions.

There were 15 or 20 young people, about age 18 or 19. One of them had a condition in which he made loud noises and yelled out. I thought, that's certainly anti-library. But people seemed OK with it. I looked around to see whether anybody was annoyed.

I mentioned the groups to the ladies behind the library desk, and one of them said, you think you've got it bad with your kids until you see something like this.

The kid who kept making loud utterances was big, tall and handsome. One of the health care workers took him to a corner of the library to calm him down, but eventually they had to take him outside. I thought, what kindness, and almost nobody sees it.

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The parents must be very grateful for the hours these young adults are in someone else's care.

Pat Judge, Stewart Manor