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Just Sayin': LIRR commuters shouldn’t take local parking spaces

Port Washington Long Island Rail Road MTA station.

Port Washington Long Island Rail Road MTA station. (April 2, 2012) Credit: Chris Ware

I live in the small community of Barnum Island in Island Park. We’re within walking distance of the train station, and we see commuters who don’t want to pay for a yearly parking permit. They drive around looking for free parking every day.

Signs that limit parking from one to three hours, or say “No Stopping Anytime,” are ignored. Some drivers have the audacity to park their cars in these spots for days at a time.

Show some consideration, and stop using our streets as your private parking garage. We pay taxes and mortgages, just like you. Show some respect for your fellow Long Islanders.

Joseph Giordano

Barnum Island