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Just Sayin’: Long Island Fair drained a grandmother of cash

Readers weigh in

A scene at the Long Island Fair at

A scene at the Long Island Fair at Old Bethpage Village Restoration on Sept. 16, 2017: Aston Lozano, 4, of Garden City loads up mom Jeanine with his picks from the patch in the apple and pumpkin yard. Photo Credit: Linda Rosier

I recently attended the Long Island Fair at Old Bethpage Village Restoration with my 4-year-old grandson. Before we left for the fair, I checked the website for details of the event. It listed a $12 charge for seniors and free admission for children younger than 5. I took my charge card and a $20 bill.

Once there, I learned that many attractions for the children required an additional purchase of tickets. After buying one beverage, an ice pop and two rides, I had only $3 left and had to disappoint my grandson by telling him that he could not go on any more rides. We also wanted something more to drink.

The food and ride vendors did not accept charge cards. There was an ATM on site, but this didn’t help me because I don’t use a debit card.

It would have been nice if the website included the information that charge cards were not accepted for rides or food.

A woman overheard me telling my grandson he couldn’t go on a $5 camel ride, and she reached in her wallet and handed me $2. The woman touched my heart, and gave my grandson a ride he will always a remember, as well as a lesson in caring and helping each other.

Debbie Haupert, Nesconset

Driver’s lap an unsafe place for a dog

As I was driving to do my errands recently, my car was almost hit by what appeared to be a vehicle driven by a little white dog. I beeped my horn, and the dog looked at me. Then the vehicle made a right turn.

I cannot imagine the stupidity of some drivers who allow dogs to sit in their laps. Among other things, they could hurt their pets, which they seem to care about so much.

This is not the first time I’ve seen this, but it was the first time I was almost hit. Dog owners need to be responsible and secure their pets.

Leslee Lewis, Merrick

Suffolk ‘recording fee’ was a harsh surprise

As a Suffolk County resident of 45 years and a senior on a fixed income, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to afford to live on Long Island.

I recently paid off and closed my home equity loan, only to find that Suffolk County imposes a $550.50 “recording fee.” Disgusting! I’ve made calls to several county officials about the reason for this fee and have only have gotten a runaround.

Are our elected officials looking out for our interests? I’ll let you decide.

Vincent Zappulla, Holbrook


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