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Just Sayin': Nassau, stop political mailers

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano delivers his state

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano delivers his state of the County address at Twin Rinks Ice Center in Eisenhower Park on the evening of March 11, 2015. Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

Here is my respectful suggestion to our Nassau County elected officials: Save some of the money you spend on frequent mailings to residents about how much you are doing to improve the county, and spend some more on fixing huge potholes, repaving county roads and picking up the filth along our roadways.

Northbound Peninsula Boulevard near Mercy Medical Center in Rockville Centre has been a minefield of potholes for more than a month and is getting worse. Residents could better use the money spent on car repairs on all those great shopping and recreational activities the county offers.

Ted Budman, Lawrence


Job demand: Speak Spanish

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I have been voraciously searching career opportunities online.

On a recent morning, as is my daily routine, I was reading a posting that appeared to provide an excellent opportunity for someone with my skills. I was mentally preparing my cover letter for submission with my resume when I read the final job requirement: Must speak Spanish.

While I have grown accustomed to, and accept, that a number of advertisements now state, "bilingual a plus" or "bilingual preferred," I found this particular phrase disturbing.

Nowhere in the ad was it stated that proper English -- oral, written or otherwise -- was a requirement. Nor was the term bilingual used. Simply the words, must speak Spanish.

My question is this: Is this job somewhere outside of the United States? If not, since when is English no longer a priority?

I take pride in my country. It is an honor and a privilege to live here. I, therefore, also take pride in our customs, traditions and language.

Barbara McGee, Bay Shore


Veterans facility for EPCAL?

There is a critical need for a veterans hospital near Calverton, and the site of the Enterprise Park at Calverton, or EPCAL, would be ideal. The Town of Riverhead should consider this option as it seeks to develop this 2,900-acre industrial site.

Many veterans older than 65 live within 125 miles of EPCAL -- in New Jersey, New York City, Long Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Bridges, ferries and interstate highways are already in place to bring veterans to Calverton within a couple of hours. We owe this to veterans and their families.

Warren McKnight, Riverhead


Coliseum parking too costly

I went to see Barry Manilow last month at the Nassau Coliseum. He put on a great show, and my wife and I really enjoyed his performance.

I didn't mind paying a high price for our seats. But what upset me was the $30 charge for parking. I know the Coliseum is having difficulty making a profit, but the operators must take it easy.

They charged $7 to $15 for parking for Islanders games, so why should they double the price?

Martin Blumberg, Melville