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Just Sayin’: New York should require periodic driving tests

A Long Island deliveryman suggests that New York

A Long Island deliveryman suggests that New York require periodic tests for renewal of driver's licenses. Credit: David Handschuh

When I was 17, my peers and I demonstrated that we could parallel park without hitting the curb, and we earned licenses to drive for the rest of our lives.

More than four decades have passed since then. In the past six months, I’ve made 1,500 trips delivering for an online food service. Driving the wild Nassau County roads, I’ve become a strong advocate for having to pass a virtual or actual road test to extend driving privileges every five years.

There is selfish, disrespectful, distracted and clueless behavior demonstrated by drivers of all ages. Their arrogant, deliberate and lawless behavior goes undetected by non-camera law enforcement.

Paul Eggers Mineola

Ticket owners of cars with illegally dark glass

New York adopted a standard, effective Jan. 1, that vehicle front and front side windows should block no more than 30 percent of the light coming in. However, I see more and more vehicles with almost blacked-out windows.

We read about vehicles being used as weapons on crowded streets. I think it’s very important to be able to see who is behind the wheel and who the passengers are. Also, I’ve read about too-young people behind the wheel when they shouldn’t be. Dark windshields make it difficult to identify those drivers.

Law enforcement should ticket these car owners and drivers. That would not only help the county’s bottom line, but it would make our roads safer.

Genie Weisman, Patchogue

Long Islanders need to look out for each other

Recently I’ve noticed ads that say, we hear that a store has closed in your neighborhood, and we’ve got you covered for fall. This strikes me as cruel for capitalizing on others’ misfortune.

Long Island is a large community of people who need to be employed. Far better to say, we hear a store closed in your neighborhood, and we want you to know we have offered and secured jobs for the displaced workers.

Similarly, since Northwell Health’s CareConnect insurance subsidiary is stranding 126,000 policyholders, it would be courageous for other insurers to step up and offer these folks coverage.

People are not commodities; they are humans who make up the fabric of our society.

Susan Scalone, Shoreham