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Good Afternoon

Just Sayin': Disturbing rise in air traffic over Woodmere

A JetBlue flight takes off during a demonstration

A JetBlue flight takes off during a demonstration of the NextGen Data Communications system by the FAA and JetBlue at JFK airport on March 16, 2017. Credit: Jeff Bachner

I have lived in Woodmere for nearly 40 years. When I moved here, I knew that living fairly close to Kennedy Airport meant that there would be plane noise. However, it never bothered me.

All of that has changed in the past three months. The incessant noise is unrelenting and has ruined my quality of life. All day and all night, I see the planes taking off, one after another. The noise is horrendous and interferes with my family’s sleep.

I have discussed this with my neighbors, and they feel the same way. I also am very concerned about how this will affect the value of my home. There is no way anyone could in good conscience buy a house here, knowing these circumstances.

Unless there is a concerted effort to fix this problem, I’m really concerned that our well-being is in jeopardy.

Henry Beyer,



Pension fund should get out of fossil fuels

The Decarbonization Advisory Panel, a committee appointed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, issued a report April 16 recommending that the state’s $200 billion public employee pension fund be transitioned to 100 percent sustainable assets by 2030 to adapt to climate change.

DiNapoli, the sole trustee of the fund, will review the findings before deciding how to proceed. The panel recommended that the state set up “minimum standards” for investments that align with keeping the globe from warming by 2 degrees or less “by 2030 in accordance with climate science consensus.”

I believe the pension fund’s current investments in fossil-fuel companies are not even close to this goal. On the contrary, these companies seem determined to use up their pre-valued oil and gas reserves. By any other name, the Decarbonization Advisory Panel is recommending divestment.

On Tuesday, the first hearing on legislation called the State Divestment Act will be held in Albany. The act has 27 Senate sponsors, but among Democrats, Sens. Monica Martinez, James Gaughran, Todd Kaminsky and Anna Kaplan of Long Island have not signed on. New York State needs a commitment to divestment that is wise, right and recognizes the reality of acting now.

John Ingram,


Editor’s note: The writer is on the steering committee of 350 NYC, an environmental advocacy organization.


Nuisance tickets are written to raise money

I recently parked in a Town of Hempstead lot in Merrick just north of the train station and got a ticket for “Parked Out Of Stall.”

How petty and strapped for funds has the town become to ticket slight technical violations? My car might have been on or slightly over a painted line, but being at the end of the row, I was not parked in two spaces.

This $135 ticket clearly points to the town’s goal of ticketing to raise funds and not to correct real public nuisances. How is the town helping our quality of life through such harassment?

Larry Siegel,