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Good Afternoon

Just Sayin': Ban pickup trucks from state parkways

A pickup truck on the Northern State Parkway

A pickup truck on the Northern State Parkway near Old Country Road in Melville on Thursday, June 20, 2019. Credit: Newsday/Lawrence Striegel

Oversize pickup trucks, which have become popular, are clogging our state parkways. Their bright lights blind the drivers in front of them, and they barely fit on our narrow parkway lanes.

With a few exceptions, only passenger vehicles are allowed on the parkways, in part because of their low overpasses. In 2000, Gov. George E. Pataki allowed light-duty pickup trucks not used for commercial purposes to drive on the parkways, but some of the pickups I’m seeing — especially on the Northern State Parkway, but also in narrowed lanes near construction on the Belt Parkway — seem too big for highways designed decades ago for smaller vehicles.

I’ve seen some of these trucks with cargo in them, which makes me suspect that they’re used for both commercial and recreational purposes. For safety’s sake, they should once again be relegated to our highways.

Marty Orenstein,

  New Hyde Park


Harassment in the Times Square area

My daughter and I recently took the subway to the Times Square area and walked from 42nd to 46th Street to visit theater box offices. It was disgraceful how we were bombarded by people pestering us to buy stuff or take their handouts. One man called me a racist when I refused to stop.

Why isn’t the mayor’s office curbing this? What must visitors to New York City think of this? I could not wait to leave the area.

Susan Jones,

  Floral Park


Troubled by condition of parkway surfaces

There are several portions of the Northern State Parkway in deplorable condition, with holes and pieces of roadway missing. I try to navigate between them when I drive in Nassau County. In particular, my car experiences a series of five jolts from uneven road seams as I drive west near Exit 29 (Roslyn Road).

If the State Department of Transportation is not going to make needed repairs, each driver registered in New York State ought to receive a refund of that portion of taxes we pay for highway maintenance.

Ben Calderone,