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Just Sayin': Recycling symbols too hard to see

A close look at a No. 2 recycling

A close look at a No. 2 recycling symbol on a container. No. 2 indicates high-density polyethylene (HDPE), usually a stiff, transluscent plastic." Credit: Newsday/Lawrence Striegel

For its curbside recycling pickup, Brookhaven Town tells residents to put out plastics with the numbers 1 or 2 on the bottom. I’m sure we all want to recycle, but there is a huge problem. Many of us can’t read those small numbers on the bottom of plastic containers. I’m sure many people end up tossing containers in the trash. I have to put on glasses, use a magnifier and take containers outside to see the numbers.

Why should symbols this important be near invisible? What can be done to help? News reports say there soon will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. Let’s find a better way so we can get our plastic recycled.

Diane Melidosian,

    Stony Brook


Why isn’t flag flying proudly every day?

Every morning for years, I have driven past the J. Irving Baylis Elementary School on Woodbury Road in Plainview. As Korean War veteran, I always look for Old Glory waving beautifully on the flagpole. Many times, the flag has not been raised, so I call to complain. Sometimes the problem is corrected. Sometimes I’m told that rainy weather is the reason.

The flag brings back memories of friends I served with in the Marines, some of whom died for our freedoms. Today, it’s important that students at all of our schools see the flag and learn what it represents. If you love our country, you love the flag.

Joe Brancati,


Happy to see small animals back in area

I was walking my neighbor’s property admiring her rhododendrons a few weeks back and saw a skunk. As an avid nature and critter lover, I was shocked to see one in Farmingville. None of my neighbors or family believed me, so I baited a humane trap with cat food and caught a skunk. It was smaller and a little different in color from the one I saw earlier; maybe there is a family. I took a picture as proof and released the little fella unharmed right there. He did spray and it hit my shirt. My kids told me I stunk, but I am pleased to see the return of skunks to the area along with turkeys.

Mike Matlat,