Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Parents shouldn't text children at school

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Are you a parent who texts your child while he or she is in school? Then stop it! You force your child to focus on you rather than school. You tell your child that you are more important than what they are doing. If your message is that important, call the school and someone will summon your child to the phone.

I taught at a public middle school in Bayside, Queens, for 15 years before retiring in June. When I hear about students reading texts from parents in class, it makes me furious. It devalues what the teacher is doing and distracts a student. If I saw a student using a phone in class, I always took it and put it aside. If the school has a no-phone policy, then there is no good time for parents to text. Otherwise, such texting should happen only during lunch or with a teacher’s permission.

Gregg Freedner,


An unexpected kindness for a veteran

Something nice happened to me on Oct. 7 at the Bagel Hut on Fulton Street in Farmingdale.

While I was inside the store, a young woman who had just left handed an envelope to my wife, who was waiting in our car.

I think the woman had seen the Marine Corps and Army stickers on my car and my “SGTMJ” license plate, which indicates that I’m a veteran with a disability (I served separate tours in both the Marines and Army). Written on the envelope was this message: “Dear Veteran, Thank you for your service. Words can not describe the appreciation you should be shown to keep us ‘civi’s’ safe. I appreciate you. Please enjoy a little ‘date night’ as a token of thanks from a stranger who you’ve risked your life to keep safe. With love, an appreciative R.N.” And three hearts were drawn. Inside the envelope was a $25 gift certificate to a local movie theater.

Thanks to this young lady. It was my honor to have served to protect kind people like you.

Ray Sabel,