Good Morning
Good Morning

Rise to meet a river of change

Credit: Getty Images/pratan ounpitipong

The one thing about rivers is that they can be dangerous. Living near a river during a rainstorm can bring untold damage to your house and neighborhood when the banks overflow. The pounding of the winds and the crashing of the water upon where you reside is the great destroyer of life.

That is the case in some places in reality now as we face unprecedented rivers of water, fire and stupidity.

Flooding due to hurricanes has swamped cities and towns in the South as I write. Fires have not only destroyed areas of the West but the smoke from the fires spread throughout the world and created a river of air that is unbreathable.

And then there is the damage that is being caused by the most dangerous of all rivers: ignorance and stupidity. Our nation is succumbing to the rising waters of false belief. As global warming and the COVID-19 pandemic scourge our planet, there are those people, and not a small number of them, who refuse to accept reality. They believe in the false prophecies of the self-centered know-it-alls, who in fact know nothing, whether they be politicians, news organizations, or conspiracy groups.

Those of us who are grasping onto science and factual data lifeboats are struggling to stay afloat as the pounding of the ignorant floods rise higher.

Such is the cost of the river’s flow. Can we stem the tide? Can we fight to put the river back in its place, where logic and reason allow us to be hopeful again? Where we can drift along in our crafts to a safer and a more accepting future? Only time will tell. Until then, we must continue to fight to stay afloat. Let the waters of ignorance and stupidity lose their power and recede from the banks of humanity.

Be strong. Be safe. We will prevail.

Harvey Heilbrun,