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Suspended piece of utility pole seems unsafe

A piece of a utility pole hangs above

A piece of a utility pole hangs above Wantagh Avenue and Duckpond Drive, near Lea Ann Terrace, in Wantagh, on Oct. 12, 2019. Credit: Vito Fiore


In Wantagh, a piece of utility pole hangs precariously from another pole on Wantagh Avenue at Duckpond Road, near Lea Ann Terrace.

I fear this is an accident waiting to happen. Many children walk to middle and high schools under this pole.

It would be horrible if something tragic were to happen to a child or any pedestrian.

Vito Fiore,



When will rough part of parkway be fixed?

A large section of the eastbound Southern State Parkway between Exits 13 and 14 in the North Valley Stream area is in a very poor physical state. It is pocked with large potholes.

These conditions have existed since at least last winter and have never been effectively repaired. I have called the state Department of Transportation’s pothole hotline and even the state police, but there has been no action taken to correct the issue.

As we approach winter, I expect the road will get only worse, threatening damage to vehicles and danger to motorists. We should not have to tolerate such dangerous conditions.

Allan Fernandez,


Grateful to a stranger who returned a bag

At the Stop & Shop on Deer Park Road in Commack on Sept. 28, my handbag slipped off my shoulder without my noticing.

Later, alarmed, I went to the service counter — and learned it had been returned. All of the contents were intact.

To the wonderful person who returned it, I want you to know your kindness and integrity have not escaped me. Too often, we hear of wallets stolen from unattended shopping carts. It’s nice to report that honesty is still alive.

Hope E. Stamati,

  Deer Park