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Paint the backs of stop signs red. Here’s why.

Two cars pass in opposite directions past the

Two cars pass in opposite directions past the stop sign at the intersection of Milburn Avenue and Clinton Street, across from Milburn Elementary School, in Baldwin, New York, on Tuesday, October 21, 2003. Credit: Newdsay / Mia Aigotti

I’ve seen many drivers go through full stop signs unintentionally. Why? Sometimes they can’t see them because the signs aren’t visible. This may be due to an overgrowth of trees or bushes in front of the signs.

Many full stops are on both sides of intersections. If drivers can’t see the full stop on their side of the intersection, they more than likely can see the one on the diagonally opposite corner if they are paying attention.

My suggestion is that the back of stop signs also be painted red, which should help alert drivers to the full stop on their side of the road.

John DiGeronimo, Bay Shore


Ignoring events before 1751 misses a lot

The Board of Regents decided last month that the Global History and Geography II Regents examination will focus on history after 1751. This is a terrible idea.

I’m a long-time high school social studies teacher, and I train future teachers at Manhattanville College. Pre-1751 history offers myriad possibilities to educate a more enlightened citizenry and must not be ignored.

For example, the Bible admonishes against murder and advises us to turn the other cheek. That should give each individual pause before taking another’s life or engaging in aggressive behaviors that serve oneself to the degree that others are hurt.

Confucius in China made respect for one’s elders a key ingredient in how a person should conduct oneself. Ancient Egypt demonstrated the value of organization to help people irrigate the Nile, which led to increased food supplies.

Hippocrates of the ancient Greeks called upon doctors to do no harm, and Socrates asked each individual to “know thyself.” Our Founding Fathers, including Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, were highly educated and knew of the strengths and the failures of the Greek city-states that helped them realize the wisdom of replacing the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution.

Rick Heckendorn, Westhampton


Golf balls aren’t the only things flying here

The North Woodmere Park Golf Course is almost unplayable because the mosquitoes are so thick. Nassau County should do something about this situation.

Jeffrey Solomon, Cedarhurst