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Just Sayin’: Perhaps invaders from space can unite us

Visitors looking up at the skies at an

Visitors looking up at the skies at an observatory. Credit: John Griffin

I would like to nominate the writer H.G. Wells for the title of world statesman for his idea to solve global conflicts.

His idea to end regional wars seemed so simple that it could not fail. In 1897, he penned “The War of the Worlds.”

Most of us know the familiar story of the attack by the sloth-like creatures from Mars in their terrible war machines. These attacks united the population of planet Earth to fight the space invaders.

Now all we need are aliens from space to do their part, and soon.

Steven Bernstein, Wantagh

LIRR needs to improve communication

I woke up recently to a report from the Long Island Rail Road that the Port Jefferson branch had no service because of a broken down train. The LIRR advised riders to use the Ronkonkoma line instead.

The alerts from the LIRR didn’t say how much of the line was down or for how long. I learned later that Huntington and west were clear. Eventually the line from Port Jefferson to Huntington was cleared, and trains resumed running west — and at least half an hour later, LIRR finally decided to send out a new alert to that effect.

Communicating with riders isn’t brain surgery. However, a railroad that embodies mediocrity proved this once again.

Ron Troy, East Northport

How kids find information in 2017

My mother passed away 25 years ago. If she could come back for one day, I could envision the following conversation between her and my grandson, Brett, her great grandson:

Great grandma: Hello, Brett. I see you are wearing a Dodgers jersey. Are you a fan?

Brett: Sort of.

Great grandma: So was I. By the way, when was the last time they were in the World Series?

Brett: I’m not sure, but I do have my iPad, and if I can find a Wi-Fi hot spot, I’ll log on and Google your question. I’m sure a website such as Wikipedia will have the answer.

Great grandma: That seems like a lot of work. Why don’t you just go to the library?

Brett: What’s a library?

Richard Jacobson, Plainview