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Just Sayin’: Plan for walkers and cyclists on Long Island

A reader says Nassau County should form a

A reader says Nassau County should form a commission to create a plan to make the area safer and more inviting for walkers and cyclists. Above, a bike lane on Queens Boulevard in New York City. Credit: Getty Images / Spencer Platt

Nassau County roads are among the most dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists in the tristate area. Although some municipalities such as Baldwin and Freeport are transforming themselves into bikeable and walkable communities, to get around on Long Island, you often must travel through municipalities and business districts with strip malls and big-box stores, which remains very dangerous.

Pedestrian and cycling safety should be addressed on the county level. There are more reasons than ever to do so: It would improve the quality of life and health, reduce greenhouse emissions and traffic, provide safer transportation for our aging population and those unable to drive, make the county more desirable for young adults inclined not to own cars, and bring economic benefits to business districts.

The Nassau County government should adopt a Vision Zero-type program with the goal of ending pedestrian and cyclist fatalities. The first step would be to establish a county bicycle-pedestrian advisory committee to create a plan for Nassau.

Sylvia Silberger,


Editor’s note: The writer is chair of Car-less Long Island, an advocacy group.

Give students skills to distinguish truth, lies

In this country, it is a privilege to vote. So do we not owe it to ourselves and our nation to be as informed as possible?

Perhaps confusion about the truth today can be traced to our educational system. In high schools, perhaps we should replace courses that have little relevance in today’s society with courses that explain propaganda, negotiation and finance. If we did, future voters might not be so easily diverted from the truth by lies and diversionary tactics.

Our country’s policies, which affect each of us, depend on our ability to understand the reasons we endorse candidates. Ignorance of the tactics used in political campaigning can often lead us to some very poor choices and lead to disastrous results.

Denis Malich,Babylon