Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Just Sayin’: Saw something, said something

The LIRR received the gold award for safety

The LIRR received the gold award for safety in the commuter rail category for its Maintenance of Equipment Department during the American Public Transportation Association's annual rail conference. (April 22, 2013) Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

During a recent Friday rush hour, there were two bags with airline tags on them sitting by the entrance to the 1, 2 and 3 subway trains at Penn Station. There was no one near the bags.

I called 911 and was told to hold on. I hung up and called again; same response.

Suddenly, some guy shows up and grabs the bags. I tear into him, and he is completely oblivious to why I’m angry. Meanwhile, there are still no police in sight.

“If you see something, say something” is broken.

Keith Andoos, Oceanside

Local roads in sorry shape

I’ve lived in Bellmore since 1974. In that time, my street has fallen into disrepair. It’s full of potholes and equipment left behind by those performing services on or near our street. It looks and feels like I am living in a slum area. Still, my taxes continue to increase.

In addition, the canal on my corner — Shore Road and Army Place — continually floods, and there are patches where the flooding has caused holes.

I want to know when this street will be repaired.

Ellen Goldberg, Bellmore


Our roads and highways are in appalling shape, and I’m not talking about potholes. A recent walk along an overpass crossing the Southern State Parkway in Wantagh had me thinking I was taking a stroll through a garbage dump.

Cement pieces, buckets, strollers, plastic, diapers and bottles littered the way.

Tim Prilucik, North Wantagh