Resolve to sign up to be an organ donor

I watched the New Year’s ball drop on TV from my hospital bed on the seventh floor of Mount Sinai Hospital overlooking Central Park. I was able to communicate with my wife and daughter on Long Island via FaceTime, and we toasted the prospect of a great new year.

We are able to look to future adventures because of the generosity and gift of life I received from an organ donor earlier in the week.

On Dec. 23, I was fortunate enough to get a heart transplant after an 11-hour operation. All of my systems responded well to the transplant, and I look forward to going home, returning to my family and resuming a normal life.

I was not the only individual blessed that evening after a caring person checked off a box that said he or she was willing to be an organ donor. Several other people waiting for transplants had their wishes fulfilled when other families transformed the tragedies of lost loved ones into the gift of life for others.

In 2017, please consider making that one resolution that can change the world for so many of us.

Kenneth Abbott, Centerport

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Equity loans shouldn’t be county cash cows

Several years ago, I took out a home equity loan to replace my home heating system. I repaid that loan on time and have requested a letter of satisfaction from my lender. Now, the shocker: I was told Nassau County demands a fee of $625 to clear its record of this loan, otherwise a lien would appear on a future sale of my home.

Home-equity loans were designed to help homeowners; they should not be cash cows for local governments to tap into. My lender has told me that several years ago this fee was less than $40.

There is no end to this nonsense.

Anthony Gangone, New Hyde Park


Billionaires should be more philanthropic

I read that there were 540 billionaires in the United States in 2016!

So why do the Red Cross, Wounded Warriors and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, for example, have to beg for funds from the already overtaxed populace? Who are the billionaires who have no compassion for the sick, wounded and desolate?

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We need some of those billionaires to donate to those charities. Those causes will become more productive in helping those in need, and there are many.

John Herman, North Babylon