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Just Sayin’: Speeders endanger others on Ocean Parkway at Jones Beach

A motorist exits Jones Beach Field 6 to

A motorist exits Jones Beach Field 6 to head east on Ocean Parkway. Drivers who want to go west must quickly cross over three lanes of the parkway to a U-turn, a difficult maneuver in heavy traffic. Credit: Google Earth

It’s only a matter of time, not a question of if, but of when. I fear a motorist will lose his or her life after exiting Field 6 at Jones Beach and quickly crossing three lanes of speeding traffic to get to the Ocean Parkway U-turn. The speed limit is posted at 35 mph. Money spent to make those signs was wasted.

During weekday rush hours, commuters use Ocean Parkway to avoid heavy traffic on Sunrise Highway and the Southern State Parkway. People on Ocean Parkway drive at ridiculous speeds beyond 70 mph. They seem to feel they have carte blanche because police are rarely present. I seldom see anyone pulled over. These speeders feel so entitled that they honk their horns at vehicles making the crossover and refuse to slow down, as if we beachgoers are the ones at fault.

Police could generate so much revenue ticketing these individuals, and they could send a message.

This shouldn’t be Long Island’s autobahn. It’s crazy scary!

Deborah Weber, Wantagh

Is the foul language really necessary?

I attended an antique car show recently at the Vanderbilt Estate in Centerport. I parked my 40-year-old car next to several other car owners who erected a tent to shade themselves while they sat, chatted and ate.

Sad to say, their conversation all day was replete with a certain word beginning with the letter “F.” It was disgusting, but what could I do? Say something and no doubt be told to move? So, I filtered out the banter as best I could, read my magazine and snacked on refreshments.

I’m no prude, but the foul language, which also is prevalent in movies and bleeped out on TV, makes me wonder whether we are entering an era in which decorum and civility in our society, like old cars, are becoming antiques as well.

Paul Jacobs, Huntington

Blinking lights on stop signs could help

I am appalled by the many drivers who ignore or slowly roll through stop signs. I believe I have a simple solution. I was in Garden City recently. On Cherry Valley Avenue, the stop sign had red blinking lights. That definitely caught my attention.

Ann Allen, Long Beach